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About the Epiphone Explorer

The Epiphone Explorer is an accurate version of the famous Gibson solid body electric. The Explorer has a large, distinctive body shape made from solid Mahogany. It also boasts set neck construction and two humbucking pickups. Hard rock and metal guitarists love the Explorer for its thick and sustaining tone...perfect for heavy riffs and leads! The shape also means that the Explorer is famously well balanced on a guitar strap. Every Epiphone Explorer has two volume controls and a master tone control. The result? A practical, fuss-free playing experience. The Explorer is available in various finishes. This includes a satin black for the Gothic Explorer model.

Frequently Asked Questions about Epiphone Explorer Guitars

Question: Is the Epiphone Explorer awkward to play?
Not at all. Despite their outlandish body shape, Explorers sit very easily on the lap and are actually famed for how well they balance on a strap. Weight distribution is great and they are actually not too heavy.
Question: Where did the Epiphone Explorer design come from?
The Epiphone Explorer is a direct replica of the classic Gibson Explorer. This legendary model was designed in 1958 by Ted McCarty, President of Gibson guitars at that time. It was part of the 'Futura' series which also included the Flying V and the mysterious Moderne. McCarty was inspired by the stylish tailfins of big fifties cruisers such as Cadillacs and Chryslers.
Question: What woods are used to make the Epiphone Explorer?
All Epiphone Explorers are made using solid Mahogany for the body and neck with Rosewood for the fingerboard.
Question: Is it difficult to find a suitable gig bag or case for an Explorer?
It used to be. Not anymore, though. More and more third party manufacturers are now making cases for non-standard guitar shapes. For a soft gig bag, we would recommend the Gator GBE Extreme-1 bag. For hard cases we would recommend checking out either the Coffin 300-VXR case or the Gator Extreme Multi-Fit Case.