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About the Epiphone Explorer

The Epiphone Explorer is the more affordable version of Gibson's iconic model. Being an Epiphone, it is still an official model so you get a legitimate Explorer but at a more accessible price point.

You have probably seen its distinctive body shape many times, which has become synonymous with many guitarists and genres over the years. It has a rich sound with lots of sustain thanks to the set neck construction.

Usually armed with a pair of humbuckers, it is a great choice for heavier styles of music and performs equally well for lead and rhythm playing. With artist signature models as well as the more traditional variants, it is a timeless classic.

Why Should I Choose Epiphone Explorer?

  • The distinctive and official Explorer shape
  • Used by many Rock and Metal artists
  • Epiphone are a trusted brand with a rich history

Frequently Asked Questions about Epiphone Explorer Guitars

Question: Which artists play an Epiphone Explorer?
With artists such as Lzzy Hale of Halestorm and Brendon Small both having signature Epiphone Explorer models, they are a top choice for professional guitarists.
Question: Where did the Epiphone Explorer design come from?
The Epiphone Explorer is a direct replica of the classic Gibson Explorer. This legendary model was designed in 1958 by Ted McCarty, President of Gibson guitars at that time. It was part of the 'Futura' series which also included the Flying V and the mysterious Moderne. McCarty was inspired by the stylish tailfins of big fifties cruisers such as Cadillacs and Chryslers.
Question: What woods are used to make the Epiphone Explorer?
All Epiphone Explorers are made using solid Mahogany for the body and neck with Rosewood for the fingerboard.
Question: What are the pickups in an Epiphone Explorer?
The Epiphone Explorer usually has two humbuckers and these are often an Epiphone model such as a ProBucker. We recommend checking the specifications on each guitar to see which pickups are included.
Question: Is the Epiphone Explorer good quality?
Epiphone have long been admired and respected for their high quality instruments. With decades of experience, Epiphone are a very trustworthy brand when it comes to good guitars.