Epiphone 7 String

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About Epiphone 7 String

The Matt Heafy signature guitar is an Epiphone 7 string Les Paul that's built to rock. It is a classic looking Les Paul through and through with binding and block inlays. Also, it has that 7th string and a set of active EMG pickups for a modern punch and sustain that is unbeatable. Whether you are a fan of Trivium or not, this tasteful 7-string guitar is well worth further investigation!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Epiphone 7 String

Matt Heafy is the frontman of metal band Trivium. His signature Epiphone Les Paul is available in both 6 and 7 string models.
The main selling point for active pickups is the signal to noise ratio. EMG pickups are massive sounding with a huge output but a very low noise floor. You can drive your guitar sounds hard without having large amounts of buzz and hum. Metal guitarists in particular love active pickups in their guitars.