Epiphone Les Paul Studio

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About Epiphone Les Paul Studio

The Epiphone Les Paul Studio is a stripped down version of the Les Paul Standard. The Studio features a set neck, and dual Alnico humbuckers as you'd expect, however there are a few changes to create more of a workhorse guitar. The weight relieved body, and neck have no binding and there is no figured maple top. However it still features the feel and tone of the famous Les Paul.

With it's lightweight stripped down feel the Les Paul Studio has become the preference for many players who prefer a simpler approach to playing. On tour this guitar proves to be a great companion with its superb build quality and no frills design.

Why Should I Choose Epiphone Les Paul Studio?

  • Affordable pricing
  • Great sound with the Alnico Humbuckers
  • Epiphone provide consistent high-quality

Frequently Asked Questions about Epiphone Les Paul Studio

Question: What is an Epiphone Les Paul Studio?
The Epiphone Les Paul Studio is based on the classic 80's Gibson design, which was built for players seeking a no frills light-weight Les Paul. Epiphone provides the studio as an affordable version that cuts down on features that aren't essential to creating a great guitar.
Question: What's the difference between an Epiphone Les Paul Studio and a Les Paul?
The Epiphone Les Paul Studio is designed to be a stripped down version of a Les Paul. No figured maple top, and a lighter weight-relieved body create more of a workhorse guitar. It's the perfect choice for a player who wants to just pick up and play.
Question: Is the Epiphone Les Paul Studio a lightweight guitar?
Yes, The Les Paul Studio is designed to be a lightweight Les Paul, as it features special weight relieving carving.
Question: Where are Epiphone Les Paul Studio guitars made?
Epiphone Les Paul Studios are made in China.
Question: Which artists use an Epiphone Les Paul?
Many artists today stand by Epiphone versions of the Les Paul. Artists such as Matt Heafy, Lee Malia, Bjorn Gelotte, Frank Iero all use Epiphone Les Pauls on stage and in the studio.