Epiphone Les Paul Studio

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About the Epiphone Les Paul Studio

The Epiphone Les Paul Studio is a stripped-down alternative to the Les Paul Standard. This solid body guitar still features a set neck and a pair of Alnico Classic humbuckers. The mahogany body has no binding and the fingerboard has simple dots. However the feel and the tone are the same as the famous Standard model.

The Les Paul Studio was originally offered as a more affordable alternative to the Standard. However many players actually prefer its more workmanlike, utilitarian look to that of the Standard. As a touring guitar, it is particularly loved by guitarists who play harder rock genres such as industrial and grunge.

The Epiphone Les Paul Studio is available in a selection of satin finishes including Worn Cherry, Worn Brown and Ebony.

Frequently Asked Questions about Epiphone Les Paul Studio

Question: Does the Epiphone Les Paul Studio sound similar to the Les Paul Standard?
It definitely does! All the most important elements: the set neck, the mahogany body and the Alnico Classic humbuckers are the same on both models. The extra you pay for a Standard is for the Maple top, the decorative elements (such as binding and inlays) and the glossy finish. The dimensions and build of each guitar is the same.
Question: Why is is it called the Epiphone Les Paul Studio?
Rest assured, the Epiphone Les Paul Studio can most definitely be used live! The 'Studio' suffix come from the reasoning that a guitar used in the studio has to sound good, but doesn't need to look fancy!
Question: How does 'Worn Cherry' differ from 'Cherry'?
Worn Cherry is a satin finish with a slightly less bright coat of colour. This is to simulate an older instrument that is a little faded. It is not a relic finish, the effect is uniform across the entire finished area of the guitar. 'Vintage Cherry' is another term for such a finish. Cherry, or 'Heritage Cherry' as both Gibson and Epiphone sometimes call it, is a deep and luxurious red with a very glossy finish. Both finishes are translucent to allow wood grain to show through.