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Electro Harmonix Superego+ Plus Synth Engine


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What we say:

This further development of the Superego from Electro-Harmonix combines its freeze & layer technology with a full contingent of effects create someextremely original and otherworldly sonic landscapes.

Sustain chords and notes, have notes glissando into each other, use the built-in FX loop to bring the FX section in to the mix and layer up dense clouds of notes! There is an automatic mode that grabs what your playing and instantly freezes it, making for inspiring sessions as you stumble upon whole new concepts of sound!

Add chorus, delay, flanger, tremolo and loads more to your sound and control parameters with an optional additional expression pedal! You can also connect a further optional 3 button controller to have even more control!

This polyphonic pedal is capable of sound very expressive and original sounds with a degree of realtime control that makes all the difference.


The Superego+ is equipped with the following effects:

  • DETUNE: pitch detune, EXP pedal controls pitch
  • DELAY: warm, analog sounding delay, feedback is preset, EXP controls delay time up to 2 seconds
  • ECHO: pristine digital delay, feedback is preset, EXP pedal controls delay time up to 2 seconds
  • FLANGE: Electric Mistress style w/filter matrix, rate and feedback. EXP pedal controls rate
  • PHASE: Small Stone style phase shifting with rate and depth control. EXP controls rate
  • MOD: pitch-based vibrato or chorus. EXP controls rate
  • ROTARY: rotary speaker style sound. Depth controls tweeter/horn balance. EXP pedal controls rate
  • TREM 1: sine wave tremolo. EXP controls rate
  • TREM 2: square wave tremolo. EXP controls rate
  • PITCH: pitch shifting effect over a +/- one octave range. EXP controls whammy
  • FILTER: resonant low-pass filter. EXP pedal controls frequency

The pedal provides enough sound shaping control to please the most sonically adventurous player and is equipped with Dry, Effect, Attack, Decay, Threshold, Layer and Gliss knobs, plus Rate and Depth knobs for the Effects Section. Four foot-switchable Freeze modes: Moment, Sustain, Auto and Latch, plus a Live Effects mode where the dry signal is routed thru the built-in effects and the internal synth engine is disabled, are included.

The polyphonic Superego+ works with guitar as well as other instruments including bass, keyboards, vocals, drums, etc. and comes equipped with an EHX 9.6DC-200 AC Adaptor.

Customer reviews

Overall Rating 4.7/5 (3 reviews)

On this day they had products and new a little about it

Cliff C. - 8/6/2022

Excellent pedal. The Latch/Sound on Sound function is really useful and the overall sound quality is great.

Stephen H. - 11/12/2021

Exactly how described and great sounds

Andrea P. - 14/12/2020

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