Ibanez GRG170DXL Black Left Handed

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Overall Rating 4.6/5 (5 reviews)

joseph m. - 6/9/2020

The guitar is simply amazing, the quality the look everything appeals to me, the guitar makes me want to learn more. Very pleased.

Faheem H. - 31/8/2020

Very good starter guitar, at a competitive price. I like the fact that it's got both humbucker and single coil pickups, so you can play different genres of music. It is quite heavy and has a fairly low action, but then again I normally play the classical guitar, so I am probably biased.

Azmi O. - 26/7/2018

I purchased a Stagg Strat + Amp package years ago and didnt end up taking it up seriously. I started taking lessons in Jan '15 and purchased this Ibanez shortly after because I'm into heavier music. It's great as a beginner guitar, the quality overall is good and it has great pickups too. I swapped to Ernie Ball 9's after my first string change and it sounds even sweeter now. I run it through either a Roland MicroCube or an Orange Micro Terror Stack. It sounds the business with both! The only thing that annoyed me (I'm a Southpaw) was I paid considerably more than I would have for the same right (keggy) handed model. All in all a great buy though, I highly recommend. JJ

J.J. - 23/3/2015

Very happy with the guitar.

A.T. - 5/11/2012

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