Ibanez RG550 Genesis Collection

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About Ibanez RG550 Genesis Collection

Introduced in 1987 the Ibanez RG550 is one of the quintessential 80's rockers. Descended from Steve Vai's Jem but dropping some of the more eccentric details like the vine inlay and the monkey grip, the RG550 had a sleek, aggressive, and eye-catching look when it was released. Yet today it still turns heads just like it did in the 80's, with it's bright colours and punchy midrange sound.

The Ibanez RG550 with its mean black pickguard, locking tremolo and range of louder-than-loud finishes is always ready to shout. This is an axe straight out of the gunslinging Sunset Strip scene of the mid to late 80s, complete with a Super Wizard 5 piece neck for unmatched shred-ability and a set of specially wired Ibanez V-series pickups to amplify it all. Although the V series humbuckers can scream and shout all day with all manner of tones, combined with a single coil in the middle, the RG550 doesn't just have surprising versatility, it trumps much of its competition when it comes to tonal variety. Chunky rhythms, searing leads, spanky single coil tones, it's all here.

Made in Japan to ensure the highest quality it's hard to beat the Ibanez RG550 when it comes to superstrats.

Why Should I Choose an Ibanez RG550?

  • Eye-catching finishes
  • Japanese made quality
  • High quality hardware
  • Versatile sounds with it's HSH pickup configuration
  • Fast, slim necks

Frequently Asked Questions about Ibanez RG550 Genesis Collection

Question: Are Ibanez RG550 guitars good?
Yes! The Ibanez RG550 is made in Japan to the highest quality. It comes packed with high quality hardware and electronics, in terms of sheer quality it's hard to beat for its price.
Question: Are these Steve Vai models?
The RG range was designed after Vai’s JEM guitar to offer players something that played and sounded similar but had a slightly more mainstream look: Ibanez fairly assumed that not everybody wanted a carrying handle in their guitar’s body! Mainstream is relative though: these guitars still look pretty wild over 30 years later!
Question: Where is the Ibanez RG550 made?
The Ibanez RG550 is made in Japan.
Question: What is an Ibanez Genesis?
Ibanez Genesis is a line of guitars from Ibanez which recreates the classic guitars that helped put the brand on the map. Guitars like the RG550 and RG565 are reissued with a few modern tweaks.
Question: Which artists play an Ibanez RG550?
Many Ibanez artists have used the RG550 throughout the years such as Paul Gilbert, Nili Brosh, and Blues Saraceno.