Ibanez RG550 Genesis Collection

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About Ibanez RG550 Genesis Collection

Here’s something special for fans of shred guitar and hair metal: the new Genesis Collection by Ibanez! Ibanez defined and pioneered the Superstrat style back in 1987 with the RG550. This seminal guitar was the first in a since-unbroken line of RG guitars that continue to this day and the relatively unchanged nature of the guitar shows how much Ibanez hit the bullseye back in ’87.

Originally descended from Steve Vai’s JEM guitar, the RG took the shape, spec and hardware but dropped the more eccentric details like the vine inlay and Monkey Grip carrying handle to make a sleek, aggressive rock machine with a more mainstream appeal. Fast forward to today and we can now celebrate the return of this glorious shred monster, made in Japan to the same supremely high standards as always.

The RG550 is the most recognisable of the RG range with its mean black pickguard, locking tremolo and range of louder-than-loud finishes! This is an axe straight out of the gunslinging Sunset Strip scene of the mid to late 80s, complete with a Super Wizard HP neck for unmatched shred-ability and a set of specially wired Ibanez V-series pickups. Perfect as a vehicle for all manner of pyrotechnics but actually far more versatile sonically, the RG550 gives out beautiful clean tones to match the high gain ferocity.

Ibanez fans will love this authentic reissue because the details are correct: the neck is hard rock maple with black dot inlays and the pickguard is three-ply black, the way it should be. Japanese-made Ibanez guitars are always worth shouting about and it is especially exciting when they are as revered and classic as the RG550.

Choose your favourite, look out your spandex and practice your sweep picking: it’s 1987 all over again!

Frequently Asked Questions about Ibanez RG550 Genesis Collection

Question: What finishes are available?
The RG550 comes in four loud and proud finishes: White, Purple Neon, Road Flare Red and the decidedly JEM-ish Desert Sun Yellow! All of these finishes are guaranteed to get you noticed on stage from a very long way away.
Question: Are these Steve Vai models?
The RG range was designed after Vai’s JEM guitar to offer players something that played and sounded similar but had a slightly more mainstream look: Ibanez fairly assumed that not everybody wanted a carrying handle in their guitar’s body! Mainstream is relative though: these guitars still look pretty wild over 30 years later!
Question: Since this is Japanese, is it a Prestige Ibanez?
No, The RG550 does not fall under the Prestige banner since this is technically a vintage reissue and there was no Prestige label back in 1987. It would be anachronistic to display a Prestige logo etc. Think of the RG550 as being like ‘Prestige-before-Prestige’ and that should sum up the quality!