Ibanez Jem

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About Ibanez Jem

The Ibanez Jem is immediately recognisable. With a number of unique design features and a bold look, there's no mistaking it for anything else! Introduced by Ibanez back in 1987, it is the signature guitar of Steve Vai and has been fully kitted out for high-speed playing and increased functionality. Steve made a huge impact on the guitar world and he did this using his Ibanez Jem.

With its Lion's Claw routed tremolo, Monkey Grip handle, HSH pickups, and Tree of Life inlay, Steve made sure the Jem would suit every style of music he could want to play. It comes in various ranges such as the Premium and the Junior, so no matter your budget or colour preference, there is an Ibanez Jem out there to fit your needs.

A selection of our Ibanez Jem guitars come included with a gig bag.


Why Should I Choose Ibanez Jem?

  • Distinctive look
  • Designed for full-speed playing
  • If it is good enough for Steve Vai...

Frequently Asked Questions about Ibanez Jem

Question: What does Ibanez Jem stand for?
The Jem part of the name is a reference to Steve's friend Joe, whose company Jem Custom Guitars had designed a prototype with Steve.
Question: Is the Ibanez Jem any good?
The Jem is available at several price points and while the high-end ones are exceptionally great, the more affordable models are also made to a very high quality.
Question: Why does the Ibanez Jem have a handle?
The handle or "monkey grip" as it is known was a design feature added by Steve Vai. It has a distinctive look but also functions as an effective way to carry the guitar when not playing.
Question: Is Ibanez Jem good for metal?
Due to its HSH pickup configuration, slim neck, and 24 frets, the Jem is a good choice for metal.
Question: Is Ibanez Jem a good guitar for regular players?
Most regular guitarists play a number of styles and have a goal of improving their playing over time. The Jem can assist greatly with this as it is a very adaptable guitar.