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About Ibanez Jem Jr

The Ibanez Jem Jr is an affordable version of Steve Vai's famous Jem signature model. Made for budget-conscious players who still yearn for the fun and eccentric Jem design features, the Jem Jr electric guitars feature the famous 'Tree of Life' fingerboard inlays, the 'Lion's Claw' tremolo routing and the 'Monkey Grip' carrying handle. The body is made from Basswood and the maple neck has a 'Wizard III' profile which is extremely thin for fast playing. Jumbo frets make technical playing even easier and a locking Edge tremolo allows you to perform a range of spectacular whammy bar effects.

The Jem Jr is part of Ibanez's Standard collection. This guitar is made in Indonesia to exacting standards and is available in a range of colours that include White (which is Vai's own preference) and also some famous Jem finishes from the late 80s like Desert Sun Yellow and Shocking Pink.

When these guitars first arrived with us in the UK they sold out in minutes! Since then we have kept a large number in stock to keep up with the demand. Visit us today to try one for yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions about Ibanez Jem Jr

Question: What are the main differences between the Jem Jr and other Jem models?
This Jem Jr is made in Indonesia and is an affordable version of the much more expensive Jem 7V. It has stock Ibanez pickups (ceramic Quantum models) and the build quality meets the standard range levels. It has all of the distinguishing visual flair of the flagship Jem 7V: the Monkey Grip, the Tree of Life inlays and the Lion's Claw tremolo route but not in such an ornate manner. For example, the tree of life on the Jem 7V is more ornate and has a balone inlaid into it for a more upmarket, opulent look. Other Jem models are generally made to a higher standard of production, which you would expect for the steep price increase. They have USA made DiMarzio pickups, more complicated finishes and higher quality parts and build quality. In short, the Jem Jr is an excellent option for the guitarist on a budget whereas the Jem 7V is as close to Steve Vai's actual guitar as any of us can get!
Question: Which strings are fitted to this Jem Jr? And is it difficult to restring?
All Ibanez Jem Jr guitars come with gauge 9-42 strings. Restringing on any double locking tremolo is a matter of learning the 'knack'. It can be difficult if you don't know how and it does put off some fledgling players. This needn't be the case though. Learning a few tricks like how hard to tighten the locks (basically don't over-tighten), removing and restringing one string at a time and tuning out of sequence (try low E, then high E, A, B, D and G before beginning again and tuning a few times, all the time stretching the strings) will all assist you in keeping the balance and tension of what is ultimately a rather unusual piece of hardware! After a little practice you should be able to restring a double locking tremolo without any major problems. Remember to keep string cutters handy since you'll need to remove the ball end of the string before it goes into the bridge saddle.
Question: What colours is the Jem Jr available in?
The Jem Jr is currently available in one standard colour and two limited edition colours. The standard colour is white, to echo Steve Vai's number one guitar, EVO. The other colours, reissues of original Jem colours from 1987, are Shocking Pink and Desert Sun Yellow. All of them look spectacular and are fantastic value for money.
Question: What type of pickups are in the Ibanez Jem Jr?
The Ibanez Jem Jr has a set of Ibanez-made Quantum pickups. The two humbuckers are hot sounding ceramic pickups and the middle single coil uses an alnico magnet for a good vintage-style sound. A 5-way selector switch allows a degree of versatility.