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About Ibanez Talman

The Ibanez Talman is one of Ibanez's iconic, unique guitar designs. Introduced in 1994, the Talman's slightly more stripped back electronics, vintage vibe and wonky-singlecut style body found made it popular with guitarists often at the other end of the spectrum from Ibanez's usual shred-heavy fanbase of the preceding years.

Famous artists seen wielding Talman models include Noodles of The Offspring, Tom Morello of Rage Against The Machine, Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth, the late Bob 2 of Devo and Racer X/Mr. Big guitarist Paul Gilbert (yeah, we know, he's a shred GOD, but he's a bit bonkers too!)

In more recent years, the Talman profile has been used as the inspiration for a whole new range of Ibanez guitars, including the TCY acoustic range and TMB bass series, as well as signature models for Noodles and math rocker Yvette Young.

Why Should I Choose an Ibanez Talman?

  • Comfortable singlecut body makes for easy playing
  • Available with a range of style, model and electronics options
  • Talman body shape instantly stands out from the crowd
  • Built to that well known, great value Ibanez build quality

Frequently Asked Questions about Ibanez Talman

Question: What is the Ibanez Talman series?
The Talman is Ibanez's range of instruments sporting the Talman body shape, a slightly wonky singlecut design with a vintage vibe first introduced in the mid 90s.
Question: Does Ibanez still make Talman guitars?
Yes, at present the Talman is made in the form of the TCY Talman acoustic series and TMB Talman Bass series.
Question: Where is the Ibanez Talman made?
The current Talman series of instruments, namely the Acoustic Guitars and Basses, are made in China to Ibanez's long appreciated level of quality and workmanship.
Question: What is the Talman design based on?
The original Talman shape is very much an original offset design but it does bear a certain Jazzmaster influence. It also owes a little to the now-chic 'catalog' guitars of the fifties and sixties. The current Talman models bear an undeniable Fender influence in terms of pickups, bridge, output jack and general layout of hardware.
Question: What kind of amplifier goes well with an Ibanez Talman?
Most amplifiers will help the Talman sound great but we'd recommmend a valve combo of some description with lots of clean volume and headroom. The Fender Hot Rod Deluxe is a great choice for sparkling clean sounds. Add your favourite drive pedal for a fantastic sounding, simple rig.