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About Ibanez Talman

The Ibanez Talman is an original design used for both electric and acoustic guitars as well as basses. With its offset, retro styled body, the Talman appeals to a distinctly different market than that of Ibanez's primary fanbase of metal and shred players.

The Talman was first intriduced in 1994 as a Grunge-friendly alternative to their more overtly metal-styled RG models. The Talman has something of a counter culture appeal, and has been seen in the hands of players in bands including Rage Against the Machine and The Offspring.

The Talman is typically made with a bolt-on neck construction and can feature either humbucking or single coil 'lipstick tube' pickups. As well as the distinctive body shape, the Talman has a unique headstock shape with a three-a-side formation for the tuners. There have been various Talman models available over the years.

The Talman acoustic guitar range has proven very popular in the UK. It retains the unique Talman shape and has a smaller body size than most acoustics as a result. Their resulting portability and easy playability make them an excellent choice for players who prefer more compact instruments.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ibanez Talman

Question: What kind of player uses an Ibanez Talman?
The Ibanez Talman seems to appeal to rock players of various stripes. From The Offspring's relatively straightforward chordal punk to the blistering riffs and sci-fi solos of Rage Against the Machine, the Talman is able to perform equally well in both guises. The current model Talman has a trio of single coil pickups so it should be a great fit for all indie and classic rock styles as well.
Question: What is the Talman design based on?
The original Talman shape is very much an original offset design but it does bear a certain Jazzmaster influence. It also owes a little to the now-chic 'catalog' guitars of the fifties and sixties. The current Talman models bear an undeniable Fender influence in terms of pickups, bridge, output jack and general layout of hardware.
Question: What kind of amplifier goes well with an Ibanez Talman?
Most amplifiers will help the Talman sound great but we'd recommmend a valve combo of some description with lots of clean volume and headroom. The Fender Hot Rod Deluxe is a great choice for sparkling clean sounds. Add your favourite drive pedal for a fantastic sounding, simple rig.