Ibanez Classical Guitars

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About Ibanez Classical Guitars

Ibanez make a range of nylon string classical guitars under their GA range. Built to traditional designs with small concessions to modernity on some models such as cutaways and pickups, these classical guitars are easy to play and provide a comfortable route into playing for those wishing to try nylon string guitars.

Some models such as the GA15 have a Spruce top. Others, including the popular GA6CE, have a Spruce top and a pickup system for playing the guitar live. The different woods used in making the guitar tops do have an affect on the overall sound. Cedar is softer and warmer sounding whereas spruce is bright and sparkling. It is worth trying both to determine which you prefer.

Despite their relative affordability, Ibanez classical guitars are used by several pro players. This includes Tom Morello who always tours with one. We can see why: they are reliable, easy to play and sound great. Guitarists who are considering trying classical, latin or flamenco playing will find these Ibanez GA guitars very easy to get along with. Try one out today at any of our 6 UK-based guitarguitar stores.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ibanez Classical Guitars

Question: Are Ibanez classical guitars suitable for learners?
Ibanez classical guitars are absolutely perfect for learners. They are easy to play and are good quality, especially for the cost.