Ibanez 12 String Guitars

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About Ibanez 12 String Guitars

Ibanez acoustics are very popular and their 12 string models are among our best selling guitars. Ibanez have 12 string acoustic guitars available in many of their ranges including the popular AE and AG styles. They are available in a wide range of prices too, from the affordable PF1512 dreadnought to the AW5412CE-OPN with its attractive 'open pore' finish, cutaway body and Fishman electronics. Many Ibanez 12 string guitars have built in electronics to allow for live use. Often these have built in tuners and EQ controls to shape your sound. Ibanez guitars are always excellent value for money and fun to play. Try one out in any of our UK-based shops or buy online.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ibanez 12 String Guitars

Question: Are Ibanez 12 string guitars difficult to play?
All 12 string guitars require a little more effort in order to hold down chords since they have double the number of strings. Ibanez have made it as easy as possible by using their signature thin neck profiles to allow you to easily play chords and so on.