Hercules Guitar Stands

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About Hercules Guitar Stands

Hercules Guitar Stands are an affordable, high-quality and reliable choice for securing your instruments. Hercules guitar stands are ergonomic, and feature a variety of options such as wall hangers, foldable travel stands, double, triple and multi guitar stands. Hercules guitar stands are constructed using SFF (Special Formulated Foam) contacts that are designed to minimize the possibility of certain lacquers and finishes reacting with the stand, making this a great way to keep your instrument from degrading over time.

Why Should I Choose a Hercules Guitar Stand?

  • Wide Range of Options
  • Well Constructed
  • Very Sturdy and Secure

Frequently Asked Questions about Hercules Guitar Stands

Question: Are Hercules guitar stands worth it?
Yes. Hercules guitar stands ensure your precious instruments are stored safely and securely, minimizing the risk of accidental damage.
Question: How does a Hercules guitar stand work?
The Hercules Guitar Stand works by using the guitars own weight to secure itself. By placing the guitar into the stand, the weight causes the two arms to secure the instrument safely.
Question: Are any of the Hercules multiple stands collapsible?
Yes, all of the Hercules multiple stands are collapsible to at least some degree. The double and triple stands have folding backrests and a collapsible tripod base. The GS525B 5 multi stand is a collapsible one piece design, making it easy to set up and take down.
Question: Are Hercules guitar stands safe?
Yes. Hercules guitar stands are sturdy, reliable and their SFF (Special Formulated Foam) construction makes it highly unlikely that guitars with a Nitrocellulose lacquer will react with the stand.
Question: Are Hercules guitar stands safe for holding my nitrocellulose-finished guitar?
Yes, this is one of the many things that sets Hercules stands apart from the competition. Some stands are made with rubbers and compounds that react badly with nitrocellulose. This leads to unsightly 'burn marks' on the instrument anywhere it touches the stand. Not great. Hercules stands are made with materials that do not react with any guitar finishes. Whatever guitar you play, you'll be safe with Hercules stands.