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About the Epiphone Thunderbird

An Epiphone Thunderbird guitar is instantly recognisable. The Thunderbird has been the bass guitar of choice for many, with it being used in bands such U2, Nirvana, and KISS. The Epiphone Thunderbird is a more affordable option, inspired by the Gibson Thunderbird. Similar to the Firebird guitar, it has an eye-catching body shape and usually comes with a set of powerful pickups.

Bassists looking for something a little different will no doubt love the Epiphone Thunderbird guitars. Whether you are playing in your bedroom or on the main stage at an international festival, the Epiphone Thunderbird won't let you down.

Why Should I Choose an Epiphone Thunderbird?

  • Iconic body shape
  • Excellent for rock and indie styles
  • Excellent quality from Epiphone

Frequently Asked Questions about Epiphone Thunderbird Guitars

Question: Is the Epiphone Thunderbird bigger than a normal bass?
It is. Although the scale length is the same as most basses, the headstock and body are both long compared with standard bass models.
Question: What is the scale length of the Epiphone Thunderbird?
The Epiphone Thunderbird has a scale length of 34" which is more or less a universal standard for basses.
Question: Is an Epiphone Thunderbird guitar any good?
Yes! With its iconic look and huge sound the Epiphone Thunderbird is an affordable yet very powerful instrument.
Question: Who played an Epiphone Thunderbird?
Adam Clayton, Krist Novoselic, Kim Gordon, Gene Simmons, and John Entwistle all played the Gibson Thunderbird which the Epiphone model is directly based on.
Question: Why does the Epiphone Thunderbird have a 'IV' in its name?
The Epiphone Thunderbird IV model is based closely on the Gibson Thunderbird IV. That bass received the 'IV' in the title due to it being the 4th version of the Thunderbird to be released, which was back in 1976. This version has proven to be the most popular edition of the bass so that is the model Epiphone chose for their bass.
Question: What pickups are in an Epiphone Thunderbird guitar?
What pickups are in an Epiphone Thunderbird guitar? The specific pickups differ per model, but are usually a set of humbuckers.