Electro Voice ZLX

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About Electro Voice ZLX

Electro Voice ZLX line of PA speakers offers a fantastic sound quality at an affordable price with a range of great features. With 1000 Watts of power the EV ZLX PA speakers have plenty of power to fill small venues and provide any audience with a quality sound. With a rugged outer shell and steel grille these Electro Voice speakers can withstand the rigours of gigging, transportation, and everything that comes with live sound systems while still being lightweight. The BT range featuring the ZLX-12BT, and ZLX-15BT, offers the ability to connect via bluetooth to control various parameters and provides visual monitoring, as well as providing programmable user presets to make setup time even easier.

The Electro Voice ZLX line of PA speakers is a great choice for small venues offering lightweight, rugged designs with fantastic sound quality and easy to use Bluetooth functionality.

Why Should I Choose Electro Voice ZLX?

  • Sturdy, reliable design  
  • Affordable PA speakers
  • Allows for Bluetooth control

Frequently Asked Questions about Electro Voice ZLX

Question: How do I connect my Electro-Voice to ZLX?
Simply push the master volume to start pairing mode on the ZLX BT models, the speaker will appear as EV ZLX BT on your Bluetooth device to connect.
Question: Does EV ZLX 12p have Bluetooth?
No, the ZLX 12P does not but the ZLX 12BT does have Bluetooth.
Question: How many watts is the EV ZLX?
The EV ZLX offers1000 Watts of power.