Electro Voice Evolve

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About Electro Voice Evolve

Electro Voice Evolve series of PA speakers offers award winning sound and quality in a compact, lightweight, and stylish design. With 1000 Watts of power the Evolve series is more than enough to fill a small venue with quality sound, making it suitable for a mainstay at small pubs, clubs, or as part of a gigging setup for performers, it's easy to transport as well! With built in mixers, the ability to store presets this PA solution is quick to set up and quick to change sounds for a variety of different situations, so if you're a solo musician or performing group these presets can speed up your set up times, if you're venue you can keep control of your stage with quick preset changes. The Electro Voice  Evolve series has won a "product Excellence" award from Music Inc. in 2020 and has continued to prove it delivers on excellence since then. Electro Voice Evolve series uses Bluetooth to make quick changes and control over your PA easily, and with the Evolve 50M you even have built in effects thanks to the 8 channel mixer.

The EV Evolve series continues to deliver award winning performance.

Why Should I Choose Electo Voice Evolve?

  • Light-weight
  • Compact design
  • Award Winning
  • Professional performance

Frequently Asked Questions about Electro Voice Evolve

Question: What is Electro-Voice Evolve series?
The Electro Voice Evolve series is an award winning series of PA speakers that offers a complete package with lightweight design and high quality, accurate sound.
Question: Does the Electro-Voice Evolve 50 have reverb?
The Evolve 50 does not have reverb, but the Evolve 50M does as it includes an 8 channel mixer.
Question: How loud is the EV Evolve?
The EV Evolve delivers 1000 Watts of power which is loud enough for small venues, and possibly more.