Rickenbacker 360

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About Rickenbacker 360

The Rickenbacker 360 is a truly iconic guitar. Popularised by legends like John Lennon, and George Harrison, they're well known for their bright and jangly sound that's hard to replicate using any other guitar. With that said, the Rickenbacker 360 can also hold it's own in a wide variety of genres ranging from pop to heavy metal and everything in between. Our Rickenbacker 360 come included with a guitar case.


Why Should I Choose a Rickenbacker 360 Guitar?

  • Great textured sound
  • Iconic design
  • Stereo output
  • Semi-acoustic

Frequently Asked Questions about Rickenbacker 360

Question: When was the Rickenbacker 360 released?
The Rickenbacker 360 was initially introduced in 1958 and has been in constant production ever since.
Question: Is the Rickenbacker 360 a heavy guitar?
Rickenbackers tend to be a little heavier than people expect, especially considering the semi-hollow nature of them! However, the typical weight for a Rickenbacker 360 is just over 3kg which is relatively similar to a Stratocaster and a good kilogram - kilogram and a half lighter than a 'full fat' Les Paul!
Question: Is the Rickenbacker 360 available in a 12 string format?
Indeed it is! The model you want is the 360/12 and is one of the most legendary 12 string electric guitars in history.
Question: Is the Rickenbacker 360 a good guitar?
Yes. The Rickenbacker 360 is a fantastic guitar, it's iconic design and stereo sound helped to cement the Rickenbacker 360 as a true classic. The very specific, clean, textured tone that the Rickenbacker 360 is known for, has made it extremely popular among indie and rock bands, although it has been known to be used in punk and metal too!
Question: Are Rickenbacker 360 guitars worth it?
Yes. Rickenbacker 360 guitars are worth the money. The sound of a Rickenbacker 360 is unlike any other guitar, so if you're looking to emulate that iconic 60's sound popularised by players like John Lennon and George Harrison, then look no further.
Question: How does the 'Ric-o-sound' stereo option work?
The Ric-o-Sound is a second output jack that splits the guitar signal into stereo, one signal for each pickup, and sends each of these two a different output. To use this, you need to connect a stereo Y-lead and of course have two amplifiers. Simply connect your Y-cable to the Ric-o-sound output and from there into two amplifiers: there is no special switching required, just make sure you have both pickups selected!