Gretsch Junior Jet

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About Gretsch Junior Jet

Since Gretsch started way back in 1883, they have produced countless instruments that have influenced generations. They have also defined genres and earned their place as a part of music history. What they have continued to do over the years is evolve, staying relevant by offering the musicians of today what they need. This is certainly true of the Gretsch Junior Jet. This range brings a stripped-back, no-nonsense approach to playing, putting the music first.

The guitars are well made and have been constructed from quality woods and materials. They are very easy to play which makes them a great choice for both beginners and lifelong players. The pickups have been loaded with that classic Gretsch tone; a sound that is instantly recognisable. Clear and crisp but with a healthy dose of personality that can only come from this brand.

If you are player who wants to take an uncomplicated approach to making music and performing, then this range of guitars is right up your street. A simple set up for controlling volume and tone allows for quick and easy adjustments. Whether you are just starting out and want a guitar that is easy to get on with or like the idea of an instrument that is all about the performance, the Junior Jet would make a great choice.

Why Should I Choose Gretsch Junior Jet?

  • A range of guitars perfect for those who want a no-frills approach
  • They offer great value for money
  • A stylish selection of colour finishes to choose from

Frequently Asked Questions about Gretsch Junior Jet

Question: Can I play a gig with a Junior Jet?
You sure can. These are a great choice for playing live due to the excellent pickups. They provide a professional level of tone that will allow you to sound your best while on stage.
Question: What styles of music can I play?
Because they are great all rounders, you can play anything you want really. While they may not be the first choice for extreme metal, they can certainly handle rock, jazz, blues and country to name a few.
Question: Does Junior mean they are for younger players?
While they certainly would make a great guitar for younger players, the name is more of a reflection of the simple designs. They can be played and enjoyed by players of any age.