Gretsch Left Handed Guitars

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About Gretsch Left Handed Guitars

Gretsch Left Handed Guitars feature the same excellent quality that can be found across their line. Featuring Gretsch models for all levels of player from the Streamliner to the extravagant Gretsch White Falcon. Gretsch guitars are some of the most iconic around, used by players such as Chet Atkins, Duane Eddy, and more they are chosen for their fantastic tone, great playability and reliable quality. The hollow body design is often made from laminated maple to create a strong foundation and loaded with a classic bridge pickup and neck pickup like the broad'tron or filter'tron set, you have a fantastic tone that is absolutely ready for country, blues, rock, folk and much more. If you're searching for left handed electric guitars, Gretsch are definitely worth keeping your eye on!

Why Should I Choose a Gretsch Left Handed Guitar?

  • Models for all levels of player from Streamliner to White Falcon
  • Classic designs ideal for rock, blues, country, folk music
  • Great for rock, jazz, blues, country, and more
  • Vibrant colour choices
  • Great selection of left handed models at all price points

Frequently Asked Questions about Gretsch Left Handed Guitars

Question: What is the best selling left handed Gretsch?
Currently, the Streamliner range is sweeping up in this area. The G2622LH is the best selling left handed Gretsch electric guitar.
Question: Do Gretsch charge more for their left-handed models?
Generally no, Gretsch do not charge more for their left-handed models. Gretsch do offer a large amount of limited edition guitars though, and these sometimes do cost more than standard catalogue models so please bear that in mind.
Question: Which guitarguitar stores carry left handed Gretsch guitars?
You will find a selection of left handed Gretsch guitars in stock at every guitarguitar location! Stock will vary from store to store so please do check before making a trip that your closest store has the guitar you're after!