Fender Guitar Picks / Plectrums

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About Fender Guitar Picks

Fender Guitar Picks are a great choice for players of all styles. Fender guitar plectrums come in a wide variety of styles and finishes, from unique artist plectrums to standard black guitar picks. Fender guitar picks can be purchased with unique pick tins, helping you keep your picks organized and easily accessible. Fender guitar plectrums are diverse, offering different shapes and levels of thickness, providing guitar players of different styles and genres with the right tool for the job.

Why Should I Choose a Fender Guitar Pick?

  • Reliable
  • Sturdy
  • Variety of Styles and Artist Options

Frequently Asked Questions about Fender Guitar Picks / Plectrums

Question: Are Fender picks any good?
Yes. Fender picks are very good. Fender picks are durable, sturdy and very ergonomic making them great for a variety of playing styles.
Question: What thickness do Fender picks have?
Fender picks come in a variety of thickness options. From thin picks at 0.58mm, to thicker, more robust picks at 1.14mm.