Martin Plectrums

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About Martin Plectrums

Martin Plectrums are a great match for your Martin guitar. Made from high quality celluloid with a faux tortoise look the standard plectrums provide high performance flexibility when you're playing. Thanks to their rounded tip they make playing easy and comfortable. The Martin Luxe plectrum was specially designed by Martin with in-house experts to create a highly versatile plectrum. Constructed from a specially selected polymer the Martin Luxe plectrum has great wear resistance and a premium feel.

Why Should I Choose Martin Plectrums?

  • A great match for your Martin guitar
  • High quality plectrums
  • Martin Luxe Plectrum made from high quality wear resistance polymer

Frequently Asked Questions about Martin Plectrums

Question: Are Martin plectrums any good?
Yes Martin plectrums are high quality and have great wear resistance.
Question: What are Martin picks made of?
Standard Martin plectrums are made of celluloid, Martin Luxe plectrums are made from a specially selected polymer.