Ibanez 7 String Guitars

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About Ibanez 7 String Guitars

7 string electric guitars have been around for many decades but Ibanez were the first company ever to produce a mass market model. This guitar, the Universe, was designed by Steve Vai and made for him in the late 80s before going on general sale in 1990. Since then, Ibanez have dominated the now huge 'extended range' market with a large range of electric guitars bearing more than 6 strings. From the 'Nu Metal' boom of the late 90s when bands like Korn used Ibanez 7 strings to today's huge tech metal and Djent scene, Ibanez has long been the first choice for 7 string players.

7 string guitars have an extra low B string for a full, low pitched growl. The necks on 7 string guitars are wider to accomodate this and, depending on the model, the scale lengths can be longer as well. Despite this, Ibanez have been able to retain the slim, speedy dimensions of their famous 6 string 'Wizard' necks. These thin necks are perfect for advanced shred techniques and are a big part of the reason many technical players choose Ibanez as their weapon of choice. Ibanez 7 string guitars are all solid body models, ususally with aggressive hard rock styling. They appear in many of Ibanez's collections including the Standard, Premium, Prestige and especially Iron Label collection.

Ibanez's 7 string electric guitar models are available in various original body shapes including classics such as the RG & S as well as more modern variations like the RGA and RGD. As one of the UK's biggest authorised Ibanez dealers, we carry a plentiful supply of their 7 string guitars at all times. Every guitarguitar store has a great selection to browse, try out and buy.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ibanez 7 String Guitars

The majority of Ibanez 7 string guitars have the standard 25.5" scale length. Some, like the Prestige RGD3127, have a longer 26.5" scale length in order to maintain optimal string tension when using drop tunings.
Iron Label is a special collection of guitars and basses by Ibanez that are all focused specifically on contemporary metal genres. Iron label guitars are stripped back for brutal riffing and laser gun rhythmic playing. The necks are slightly more substantial than standard Wizard necks but are still very slim. Ibanez Iron Label guitars are designed for power, expression and brutality. Many Ibanez body shapes have Iron Label models available from the RGD and RGA to the FR and the S series.
Surprisingly not. Although there will be a small period of adjustment for altering things like chord positions and so on, it is actually relatively straightforward to play a 7 string. Ibanez make things particularly easy thanks to their celebrated Wizard necks: the additional B string does create a wider neck and fingerboard but the slim Wizard profile compensates for this.
Ibanez offer a large range of 7 string guitars from affordable Gio models right through to Steve Vai Universe guitars and Prestige models such as the RGD7UCS. Since Ibanez were the first company to mass market 7 string guitars, they have had the most experience in making them. No matter which model you go for , you can be assured that the collective expertise of decades of building goes into every 7 string guitar.