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About Ibanez Artcore

The Ibanez Artcore Series is an inspiring range of original design hollow body and semi hollow guitars. This range is much more traditional in appearance than the brand's more hard rock-styled instruments. Artcore models have some extremely high profile artist endorsements. A number of legendary players even have signature instruments within the range. Examples include George Benson, Pat Metheny and John Scofield. This speaks volumes for the quality of design and craftsmanship inherent in the Ibanez Artcore line.

Ibanez Artcore electric guitars are subdivided into several ranges. Contemporary Archtops are, as the name suggests, modern designs that take jazz guitar into the future. The Artcore Vintage range consists of semi acoustic guitars with aged finishes. Expressionist models feature upgraded Super 58 pickups. Lastly, the Artstar range boasts a refined look and smooth fretboards. Some body designs span a few of these subdivisions, giving jazz and traditional players a large choice. This choice is reflected in guitarguitar's stock, both online and in our stores. Find the Ibanez Artcore guitar of your dreams at guitarguitar.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ibanez Artcore

Question: What are the most affordable Ibanez Artcore models?
The two most affordable would be the thinline AS53 and the hollow body AF55. Both of these guitars are well built, sound good and have worn satin finishes for an attractive yet utilitarian look. These guitars are a great buy for players of all levels and styles.
Question: Are Ibanez Artcore guitars just for jazz?
No, though most of them are excellent for playing jazz on. Some models, such as the Artcore Vintage ASA10A, are thinline semi acoustics with a beautiful feel, fit and finish. This kind of guitar is defintiely great for Jazz but can Rock hard and excel at Blues too!
Question: What type of pickup is the Super 58?
The Super 58 is Ibanez's take on the famous PAF pickup from the late fifties. The best PAF humbuckers have a low output and a clarity that matches their thickness and sustain. This gives a much more beautiful and complex tone than you'd get with a generic rock humbucker. Guitars such as George Benson's signature LGB30 model have these excellent pickups installed.