Ibanez Artcore

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About Ibanez Artcore

The Ibanez Artcore range represents the other end of the Ibanez spectrum. Rightly lauded for their shredding machines, the Artcore range comprises their classic-style hollowbody and semi-hollow designs. Here you can find everything from Electro-Spanish style, double cutaway Semi Acoustic and Hollow Body guitars to classic fully hollow, single cutaway archtop jazzboxes, all built to those same standard of quality, playability and outstanding value you expect of Ibanez.

Ibanez Artcore guitars have found their way into the hands of some seriously high pedigree guitarists, and the range includes signature models for jazz guitar giants George Benson, John Schofield and Pat Metheny.

Why Should I Choose Ibanez Artcore?

  • Built to the high standards of quality and value Ibanez are known for
  • Delivers bona-fide big body archtop jazzboxes and classic style semi-hollow guitars without the bank-breaking price tags
  • Gorgeous guitars boasting flamed tops, carefully finished binding and classic styling
  • A range of models to choose from, all with superb electronics and hardware
  • Includes thought-out modern features like rubber grip knobs for accurate control of your sound

Frequently Asked Questions about Ibanez Artcore

Question: What strings are used for an Ibanez Artcore?
Different Ibanez Artcore guitars come with different string choices, often Ibanez's own proprietary string choice, ranging from 10-52 gauge to 13-56 gauge. You can always get your guitar setup with your own personal string choice, so feel free to contact one of our stores for more information and advice.
Question: Which artists play the Ibanez Artcore?
A diverse range of players from across the musical spectrum, including Benjamin Davis from indie pop outfit Bad Veins, Eric Krasno from funk & soul group Soulive, as well as 3 titans of jazz guitar with signature models of their own; George Benson, John Scofield and Pat Metheny!
Question: What type of pickup is the Super 58?
The Super 58 is Ibanez's take on the famous PAF pickup from the late fifties. The best PAF humbuckers have a low output and a clarity that matches their thickness and sustain. This gives a much more beautiful and complex tone than you'd get with a generic rock humbucker. Guitars such as George Benson's signature LGB30 model have these excellent pickups installed.
Question: Where are Ibanez Artcore guitars made?
Ibanez Artcore guitars are produced in Indonesia to Ibanez stringent high quality.
Question: What is an Ibanez Artcore guitar?
Ibanez Artcore guitars are models part of Ibanez's range of Hollow and Semi-Hollow electric guitars, perfect for a range of styles from Jazz to hard rock and blues.