Ibanez 8 String Guitars

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Ibanez 8 String Guitars

8 string electric guitars are more popular now than ever before. Ibanez were one of the first to develop mass production 8 string guitars and progressive metal guitarists have been quick to pick up on the opportunity to have two extra lower strings.

The next step up from 7 string guitars, 8 string guitars add a further low F# to the low B of the 7 string. Ibanez make a selection of these, including the popular RG8 which is an 8 string take on their famous RG design with a Mahogany body and the FTM33-WK which is the distinctively styled signature guitar of Meshuggah's Fredrik Thordendal, widely regarded as a pioneer of 8 string music.

We are big fans of 8 string guitars and our six guitarguitar stores carry one of the largest selections in the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ibanez 8 String Guitars

Question: What is the most popular Ibanez 8 string guitar?
The most popular Ibanez 8 string guitar is undoubtedly the RG8. Its price to performance ratio is extremely high. Just behind it in the popularity stakes is the Multi-Scale RGMS8, which has fanned frets and is part of the Iron Label collection.
Question: Can I tune an 8 string lower than F#?
Certainly! An 8 string can be downtuned in the same manner as other guitars so if for some reason the low F# is still not low enough for you, feel free to experiment with lower tunings. We'd recommend paying close attention to intonation at this point since it is going relatively far past the original tonal range of a guitar!
Question: What type of strings do I need for an 8 string electric guitar?
8 string guitars are generally strung with a set of strings that goes from 9-65. This is known as a relatively light set, usable for most guitarists. A popular gauge to restring with is 10-74. Manufacturers such as Ernie Ball and D'Addario offer sets in varying gauges for 8 string players.
Question: Are 8 string guitars more difficult to play than 6 string guitars?
8 string guitars are physically a lot bigger around the neck so some players will have trouble handling one, at least for a while. However, people tend to play different types of guitar parts on 8 string guitars (the low strings are a focal point for metal players) and so lots of people quickly acclimate to it. Also, many guitarists actually find 8 string guitars easier to get on with than 7 string guitars because they are more 'other' than 7 strings - the extra pair of strings is somehow less confusing than just having one more. The best thing to do is try one out and see how it compares with 6 and 7 string models of a similar design.