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About Gibson SG Standard

The Gibson SG Standard is the most popular iteration of Gibson's famous rock machine. The SG is available in various models, both vintage and contemporary. More than any other model, the SG Standard is the one people seem to love the best! Angus and Tony both played SG Standards so this may account for at least part of the popularity!

The Gibson SG Standard is a relatively simple design. The body is a flat piece of Mahogany with heavily contoured edges. The neck is also Mahogany, glued in place to make the guitar one singular mass of vibrating wood. Two humbucking pickups supply the devastating crunch. The slightly slimmer body size allows a little more top end bite than other Gibson solid body guitars. This slimness also makes the Gibson SG a light weight guitar to hang from your shoulders, another big reason for its success!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Gibson SG Standard

Question: What finishes is the Gibson SG Standard available in?
The Gibson SG Standard is currently available in three finishes: Heritage Cherry, Ebony and a new burst finish called Autumn Shade.
Question: Is the Gibson SG Standard available as a left handed model?
Yes it is! Gibson make lots of left handed guitars including the SG Standard.
Question: What type of pickups are on the current Gibson SG Standard?
The most current Gibson SG standard has a pair of Gibson 61 humbuckers. These Alnico 5 magnet pickups have one overwound coil in each pickup to counteract the extra magnetic pull from the coil with the slug in it, achieving a tone that is more balanced and hence thicker.
Question: Does the Gibson SG Standard sound 'heavier' than a Les Paul Standard?
This type of question is very subjective since it depends on so many factors, not least the type of amplifier and FX used. What we would say is that the Les Paul Standard is traditionally known to have a thicker sound with more low end. We would also note that the Gibson SG is used by a huge amount of guitarists who play really, really heavy music. We will compromise by saying that both guitars are a very wise choice for any guitarist planning on bringing some heavy sounds to the table.
Question: What is the difference between a Gibson SG Standard and a Gibson SG Standard HP?
There are actually quite a number of differences between these two models! The Gibson SG Standard (2018 model) is what most guitarists will think of in reference to the SG. It is the classic design with the smaller, 61-style pickguard and a pair of 61R & T pickups. It is available in a trio of classic finishes including Heritage Cherry and Ebony. The Gibson SG HP (2018 model) by comparison has a thicker body with a figured Maple top & no pickguard. It also offers G Force automatic tuners, a set of 57 Classic humbuckers and some extra switching available for more sounds. It is available in an array of completely different finishes. Essentially these two guitars are both SGs but, apart from that, not really all that similar at all!