Gibson SG Special

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About Gibson SG Special

First introduced in the 1960s, the Gibson SG Special was built to be the more moderately priced, slightly stripped back little brother of the SG Standard, but this never stood in the way of its greatness. It sports the same double cutaway body giving you unparalleled access to the top of the SlimTaper neck, but comes rigged with a pair of P90 Soapbar pickups and a simple Stopbar bridge, making things just a little more streamlined and raucous than its Standard labelmate.

Just like its singlecut cousin the Les Paul Special, the SG Special found its way into the hands of some serious rock innovators, most notably the godfather of heavy metal Tony Iommi.

A selection of our Gibson SG Special guitars come included with a guitar case.


Why Should I Choose a Gibson SG Special?

  • Played by some of the most innovative rock guitarists of all time
  • Comfortable, slim SG body, just like the SG Standard
  • Unparalleled access to the top of the fretboard
  • Twin P90 soapbar pickups are great for everything from Jazz to Heavy Blues to Hard Rock
  • One piece stopbar bridge keeps everything simple and ready to rock

Frequently Asked Questions about Gibson SG Special

Question: What's the difference between a Gibson SG Special and Standard?
The Gibson SG Standard sports a pair of Gibson Humbuckers, 2 piece bridge and pearloid block inlays, while the SG Special features a pair of P90 Soapbar singlecoil pickups, one piece stopbar bridge and dot inlays.
Question: Where are Gibson SG Specials made?
Like all of Gibson's solid body and semi-hollow guitars, the SG Special is built at Gibson Headquarters in Nashville, TN, USA.
Question: What artists play a Gibson SG Special?
The SG Special has been wielded by a host of guitarists, including modern artists like Allison Robertson of The Donnas and Davey Lane of You Am I, to gracing the legendary stage of Woodstock with Carlos Santana and Pete Townshend, to being the original axe of choice of the Godfather of Heavy Metal himself, Tony Iommi.
Question: Which finishes is the Gibson SG Special available in?
The Gibson SG special is available in two satin nitrocellulose finishes: Natural Satin and Satin Cherry.
Question: Is the SG Special a cheaper alternative to the SG Standard?
You could look at it that way but in reality it has its own sound and vibe, making it a legitimate model in its own right. The P90 soapbar singlecoils provide a different flavour of tone than the humbuckers of the Standard. Give one a try to experience the sound for yourself!