Gibson SG Special

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About Gibson SG Special

The Gibson SG Special is a stripped back, uniquely affordable iteration of Gibson's beloved SG guitar. Sitting between the SG Faded and the SG Standard in the range, the SG Special has a sound and vibe all of its own. The most recent SG Special has cool features including mini humbuckers and small block inlays - all features of older Gibson guitars such as the Firebird and the ES-335 - to discern it from other SG models.

Sonically, the combination of set neck Mahogany construction and mini humbuckers reveals a sound that is thick and tight with plenty of attack. This is fantastic in any situation when you have lots of leads to play! The mini humbuckers still 'buck' the hum but allow a sound that has echoes of single coils about it.

The SG Special has a satin nitrocellulose finish, like all other Gibson models. It is available online or to see in person at any of our guitarguitar stores.

Frequently Asked Questions about Gibson SG Special

Question: Is the SG Special a cheaper alternative to the SG Standard?
You could look at it that way but in reality it has its own sound and vibe, making it a legitimate model in its own right. The mini humbuckers provide a different flavour of tone than the humbuckers of the Standard. Give one a try to experience the sound for yourself!
Question: What type of inlays does the SG Special have?
The Gibson SG Special features small block inlays.
Question: Is the Gibson SG Special available in a left-handed model?
It is! The Gibson SG Special is available as a left-handed model in Satin Cherry.
Question: Which finishes is the Gibson SG Special available in?
The Gibson SG special is available in two satin nitrocellulose finishes: Natural Satin and Satin Cherry.