Gibson SJ-200

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About Gibson SJ-200

The Gibson SJ-200 may well be one of the most famous and iconic jumbo acoustic guitars of all time with a rich heritage and looks to spare! This XL-sized acoustic is a popular choice with singers and front-men looking to make a statement as they perform. First unveiled in 1937, the Gibson SJ-200 has carved it's own undeniable legacy as a strong, full-bodied acoustic with an unrelenting and dynamic sound.

This model has remained relatively unchanged since then, retaining the Spruce and Maple construction from the definitive late 40s model (earliest examples had Rosewood instead of the Maple) as well as all of the distinctive styling. Some popular styles include the Gibson SJ-200 standard maple autumn burst, vintage sunburst and rosewood burst, most Gibson SJ-200 guitars also have a flamed maple back and sides.

Visually, the SJ-200 guitars are stunning: details abound from the elaborate pickguard to the 'mustache' bridge, the detailed inlays to the wonderful sunburst finish of the most famous examples. The SJ-200 sounds as it looks: large, bright and impressive. It's no wonder artists including Bob Dylan, Sheryl Crow and the King himself, Elvis Presley, chose to perform with the SJ-200.

Today, Gibson produce a number of SJ-200 models: there are Standards, Vintage, Custom, Artist models and more. Gibson produce a variety of Gibson SJ-200 models, most of the modern SJ-200 variants are electro-acoustic models, however models like the Western Classic harken back to those pre-war acoustics. Made in the USA, with exceptional craftsmanship, materials and attention to detail, it's impossible to go wrong with an SJ-200.

What Makes The Gibson SJ 200 Guitar Different?

  • A popular acoustic guitar choice for artists looking to make a statement
  • Played by artists including Sheryl Crow, Bob Dylan and Elvis Presley
  • Popular styles include vintage sunburst and antique natural

Frequently Asked Questions about Gibson SJ-200

Question: What is a Gibson SJ 200?
The Gibson SJ 200 is a large, "Super Jumbo" Acoustic Guitar. Known as the "King of the Flat-Tops" due to it's large size and flat-top shape, the SJ 200 has been one of Gibson's premier acoustic guitars for decades.
Question: Are Gibson SJ 200 guitars any good?
Gibson SJ 200 guitars are very good. The Gibson SJ 200 is an iconic guitar that has been extremely popular since the late 1930's. It's larger size provides a robust, full sound that's impossible to ignore.
Question: Where are Gibson SJ 200 guitars made?
Gibson SJ 200 guitars are all made in the USA, in the Gibson Factory in Bozeman, Montana.
Question: Which artists play a Gibson SJ 200 guitar?
Several famous artists are known for using the SJ 200. Legends such as Elvis Presley, Jimmy Page, Pete Townshend, Bob Dylan, George Harrison and many more have made great works using the SJ 200!