Gibson 12 String Guitars

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About Gibson 12 String Acoustics

Gibson 12 String Guitars are beautiful acoustic guitars designed for the serious player. The trademark shimmer of the 12 string combined with the trademark earthiness of a Gibson acoustic creates a wonderfully mellow, ‘doubled’ guitar sound perfect for country, rock and singer-songwriters. Always made from solid timber in the United States, these guitars are the highest quality 12 string acoustics available.

Gibson’s first 12 String guitar was actually not an acoustic! It was the 1958 EDS-1275 double-neck electric guitar made famous by the likes of Jimmy Page and Slash. The first catalogued 12 string acoustic came a few years later in 1961 in the form of the B45-12. Since then there have been 12 string versions of the iconic J-45 and Hummingbird models.

These days Gibson’s flagship 12 string is the Songwriter 12 String. This American made dreadnought has solid rosewood back and sides for a wide, rich tone and incredible projection. The inclusion of an LR Baggs VTC pickup system allows this guitar to sound amazing at home and on stage.

What Makes Gibson 12 String Guitars Different?

  • Perfect for country, rock and singer-songwriters
  • Made in Montana, USA
  • Equipped with electronics for live performance
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Gibson 12 String Guitars

    Question: Are Gibson 12 String guitars any good?
    Gibson 12 string guitars are beautiful instruments and always made from solid wood for a rich, resonant voice. Although 12 string guitars have existed since the 1920s, they were always a bit cheap and nasty. Gibson were one of the first high-end manufacturers to make 12 string guitars as well as they made 6 string guitars. Gibson 12 string guitars have a wonderful ‘doubled’ sound without some of the harsh brightness that is common with the instrument.
    Question: Where are Gibson 12 String Guitars made?
    Gibson 12 string guitars are made in Bozeman, Montana. This is Gibson’s specialist acoustic guitar factory. The occasional EDS-1275 double neck electric guitar is made by the Gibson Custom Shop in Nashville, Tennessee.