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About the Shure Beta

Shure Beta Mics are updated versions of Shure's iconic SM microphones. While many of Shure's most popular microphones were developed in the 60s and 70s, the Shure Beta series takes these designs and updates them for the modern world. With enhanced sonic capabilities and feedback suppression, the Beta series is well suited to a wide range of different musical styles as well as for use with modern preamps that operate at a low level noise floor. If you're looking for Shure's iconic sound and reliability with a little extra on offer, the Beta series is for you.

The Shure Beta range of microphones and wireless systems can be found in concert venues and studios the world over. These are a top choice for professional-grade recordings and flawless live performances. A tried and tested favourite of vocalists and recording engineers, this selection is well worth your attention.

Why Should I Choose Shure Beta?

  • Studio quality sound
  • Updated versions of classic Shure Microphones
  • Robust build quality

Frequently Asked Questions about Shure Beta

Question: What is the Shure Beta 27 used for?
The Beta 27 is a high quality Supercardioid microphone that's ideal for use on acoustic instruments like pianos, wind instruments and brass, plus drums and percussion instruments.
Question: What is the Shure Beta 98 used for?
The Beta 98 has been specially designed to be clipped onto brass, woodwind and percussion instruments for live use.
Question: What is the Shure Beta 57A best for?
The Beta 57A is an updated version of the classic SM57 instrument microphone and features built-in feedback suppression that makes it ideal for live stage use on acoustic instruments.
Question: What is the difference between Shure SM58 and beta?
The Beta 58A is a refined version of the SM58 design, delivering a slightly hotter output that sounds great on modern equipment.