Yamaha Headphones

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About Yamaha Headphones

Yamaha Headphones like their studio monitor counterpart have been a standard in recording studios for decades, acclaimed for their reliability and offering extreme precision when it comes to translating your recorded audio. Yamaha studio monitoring headphones feature a 'closed back' construction, making them great for wearing whilst tracking, thanks to their great isolation, allowing the performer to consistently hear the audio without spillage from outside instruments and also prevents bleed from the headphones into microphones. Yamaha headphones are also excellent for listening to purchased music and also function well for mixing and DJing.

Frequently Asked Questions about Yamaha Headphones

Question: Can I listen to normal music with Yamaha headphones?
Absolutely, Yamaha headphones feature no colouration, making them perfect for listening to mastered music.
Question: Can I use Yamaha headphones with my iPod/iPhone?
You can indeed, provided your device has a standard minijack headphone socket or headphone dongle, then your new Yamaha headphones will be compatible.