Mayones Hydra

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About Mayones Hydra

The Mayones Hydra is a headless guitar design. Mayones hand build each of these instruments in their Gdansk workshop. The Hydra is designed to satisfy guitarists who care about ergonomics. It is made to be as comfortable and as playable as possible.

The Mayones Hydra is for cutting edge guitarists who want an instrument at the forefront of technology. The Hydra has a high level of sonic and tactile quality.

We keep a number of Mayones Hydra guitars in stock. These are available to try in-store.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mayones Hydra

Question: What kind of pickups do Mayones use in the Hydra?
There are many choices of potential pickups for the Hydra. One popular choice is the Seymour Duncan Nazgul and Sentient pair.