Mayones 7 String Guitars

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About Mayones 7 String Guitars

Mayones 7 string guitars are the perfect choice for modern metal. Mayones make their guitars by hand in Gdansk, Poland. Many heavy players love the brand for their levels of quality and precision. The Mayones Regius and the Mayones Duvall are two of the most popular models.

We are very big fans of these guitars and keep many models in stock throughout our stores. Many of these are 7 string models. Please check out our full range online or visit a store to try out a 7 string Mayones guitar.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mayones 7 String Guitars

Question: What scale length are Mayones 7 string guitars?
Mayones 7 string guitars use a scale length of 25.4" unless the guitar is a baritone model. Baritones have a 27" scale.