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About Akai MIDI Keyboards & Controllers

Akai MIDI keyboards and controllers are loved for their compact size and intuitive integration with your favourite studio software. AKAI have been making music equipment since the 1980as. Their MIDI keyboards are renowned for their incredible value for money.
Akai MIDI keyboards are some of the most popular keyboards for beginners and fledgeling producers. The MPK Mini is a keyboard and controller in one. It is small enough to stick in a bag with your laptop so you can take it to sessions and gigs but is packed with enough features to make it an indispensable part of your production setup. With a 25 key keyboard, 8 pads straight out of the iconic MPC samplers, controller joystick and 8 encoders, plus a huge software package, the MPK Mini is hard to beat when you're starting out.

Why Should I Choose an Akai Keyboard?

  • Intuitive controls
  • Great selection of features
  • Fantastic bundled software

Frequently Asked Questions about Akai MIDI Keyboards & Controllers

Question: Which Akai MIDI keyboard would suit a composer?
The Akai MPK261 features their innovative V.I.P software. This software uses a tag-based system to sort every preset from your individual software instruments into categories. For example, if you're looking for an electric piano sound, you can bring up every electric piano preset in your library into a list so you can quickly scroll through the sounds to find the one you like best. This is great for breaking out of the habit of using the same couple of plugins most of the time. The MPK261 keyboard itself is also impressive, with 61 keys, 16 MPC pads and assignable faders and knobs.
Question: Do Akai MIDI keyboards feature drum pads?
Yes, with the exception of the LPK25, most Akai MIDI keyboards feature the same drum pads as their MPC samplers.
Question: Which Akai MIDI keyboard is best for beginners?
Any of the MPK Mini keyboards would be great for those starting out in music production. With a great selection of software and assignable controls, the MPK is easy to learn and fast to work with.
Question: How do I power my Akai MIDI keyboard?
All of our Akai MIDI keyboards are bus-powered. This means you can just connect your keyboard directly to your computer via USB cable and not have to worry about a power supply.