NUX Looper Pedals

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About NUX Looper Pedals

NUX Looper Pedals offer musicians outstanding functionality and performance, balanced with the ease-of-use that's indispensable to a truly great loop pedal. NUX Looper Pedals are packed with features like accurate Tap Tempo, long looping memory, and programmed drum beats for jamming along with.


Why Should I Choose a NUX Looper Pedal?

  • Outstanding build quality
  • Loaded with features
  • Easy to use

Frequently Asked Questions about NUX Looper Pedals

Question: Are NUX Looper pedals any good?
Yes they are! Like all NUX pedals, their Loopers are built to superb quality with top drawer components and outstanding performance and sounds throughout.
Question: Which NUX loop pedal is the best?
Best is a subjective term, but the JTC Drum and Loop PRO Dual Looper Pedal is easily NUX's most feature laden looper, while maintaining the ease-of-use that's indispensable to any great looper pedal.