Planet Waves Guitar Accessories

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About Planet Waves Guitar Accessories

Planet Waves Guitar Accessories offer an excellent selection of products to care for your instrument and have it playing at its very best. The range of Planet Waves Accessories include essentials such as cables and guitar straps through to maintenance kits, earplugs and instrument polish.

Since Planet Waves is part of D'Addario, you can be assured that the quality of products is exceptionally high and it also means they are connected with the D'Addario foundation, showing their commitment to musicians beyond the industry too.

Why Should I Choose Planet Waves Guitar Accessories?

  • Excellent selection of products
  • All made to a very high standard
  • Many essential components for any guitarist, luthier or tech

Frequently Asked Questions about Planet Waves Guitar Accessories

Question: Are Planet Waves guitar accessories any good?
Yes! Every product they offer is made to same high quality as all other D'Addario products.
Question: What are Planet Waves guitar accessories good for?
Planet Waves guitar accessories are good for instrument care, upgrades, and general maintenance.
Question: What guitar accessories do Planet Waves produce?
Planet Waves produce a great selection of cables, polish, fretboard conditioner plus many other essential items.