Chord Accessories

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About Chord Accessories

Chord Accessories provide players with a number of key accessories that make maintaining and caring for their instrument a lot easier. From providing necessary electrical accessories such as Speakon cables, to guitar maintenance kits such as string winder and cutters, you can be sure to find well-made accessories that also offer excellent value.


Why Should I Choose Chord Accessories?

  • Good Quality
  • Economical Price Point
  • Diverse Range

Frequently Asked Questions about Chord Accessories

Question: Are Chord accessories any good?
Yes. Chord accessories provide excellent options to meet many accessory needs. They supply many essential accessories such as Speakon connectors and Gig bags to straps and string winders.
Question: What are Chord guitar accessories good for?
Chord guitar accessories are good for many essential guitar maintenance jobs. Chord provides tools such as the string winder and cutter set which makes string changes a breeze, to keeping your guitar safe and secure with their gig bags.