Gibson Les Paul Studio

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About Gibson Les Paul Studio

The Gibson Les Paul Studio is for the discerning player who is after that iconic Les Paul sound, but isn't concerned with extra frills. Elegant, simple and with an incredible sound, the Les Paul Studio is a fantastic choice.

The Gibson Les Paul Studio features solid Mahogany, set neck construction, dual humbuckers and pairs of volume and tone controls. It drops the figured Maple top and binding to leave a guitar that is elegant yet utilitarian in appearance. As a result, lots of hard rock and metal guitarists prefer the 'raw power' aesthetic of the Les Paul Studio over the decorative beauty of the Les Paul Standard.

Our Gibson Les Paul Studio guitars come included with a guitar bag.


Why Should I Choose Gibson Les Paul Studio?

  • Incredible Sound
  • Great Value
  • Gibson Quality

Frequently Asked Questions about Gibson Les Paul Studio

Question: Is the Gibson Les Paul Studio good?
The Gibson Les Paul Studio is an exceptional guitar. The Les Paul Studio has exceptional Gibson build quality, and due to it's focus on function over form, it's incredible value for money. Make no mistake, the Les Paul Studio is a professional level guitar.
Question: Where was the gibson les paul studio made?
The Gibson Les Paul Studio is built in the Gibson Factory in Nashville, Tennessee.
Question: Why is the Gibson Les Paul Studio cheaper?
The Gibson Les Paul Studio is cheaper than the Standard models due to it's focus on providing great sound without any additional frills. GIbson Les Paul Studios don't have access to features such as body/neck binding and headstock inlays, and this keeps the cost down but the sound quality high.
Question: What is the difference between a Les Paul Standard and a Les Paul Studio?
A Gibson Les Paul Studio and a Standard will sonically, sound almost identical. The key difference is that the Les Paul Studio has stripped away the cosmetic features such as a figured top, binding and headstock inlays in order to keep the cost to a minimum.
Question: What makes a Gibson Les Paul a Studio?
The Gibson Les Paul Studio was named as such that it was designed to be used in the recording studio, since the lack of visual flair had no impact on the sound quality, it would be a perfect cost effective option for recording in studio.