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About Gibson Les Paul Standard

The Gibson Les Paul Standard is Gibson's most iconic guitar. This is the very guitar that Jimmy Page and Slash proudly wield. Made popular during the 'British Invasion' of the mid 60s, nothing makes an amp sing like a Gibson Les Paul Standard!

Gibson released their Les Paul Signature model back in 1952 and revised it to sport two humbuckers in 1957 but it is the fabled 1958-60 'Sunburst' version that most people tend to envision when they think of the Gibson Les Paul. Its carved Maple top, striped like a Tiger and painted in shades of lemon-amber and cherry red hold the imagination like no other guitar model before or since.

The Les Paul Standard's legendary growl and sustain is the result of several factors combining perfectly: the solid Mahogany body, a glued neck effectively transforming the entire guitar into a single vibrating piece of wood and the PAF pickups which themselves are deemed holy grail objects to tone connoisseurs everywhere.

Nowadays, Gibson offer a dizzying range of Les Paul Standard models, both vintage reissues and modern reinterpretations. There has never been a better time to buy an American made Gibson Les Paul Standard. There is seemingly a model for every type of player and taste. Goldtops, triple A-grade Burst tops, special switching, you name it.

As one of the biggest of only a select few authorised Gibson dealers in the UK, we are happy to stock and display as many Les Paul Standards as possible throughout our UK stores. View the range, try your favourites and find your dream Gibson Les Paul Standard at guitarguitar.

Frequently Asked Questions about Gibson Les Paul Standard

Some would debate this but we think it does, yes. The figured Maple top adds a little extra top end snap and attack to the tone, adding a nice edge to the Les Paul's famous midrange growl.
The only true answer to this is that all guitars sound a little different when you really inspect them. This is down to innumerable factors, body density being only one. Some players think that the strings and the pickups are the only relevant factors in discussing tone, whilst others believe that every little element down to the types of screws holding the pickguard in place all play a part in tone production. Whilst the jury is out on both of these extremes, we can definitely say that we have played countless Gibson Les Pauls and allowing for differences in tone due to pickups, amplifiers, players and so on, ALL Gibson Les Pauls own and display that thick, complex and highly beautiful tone that sustains for days, whether they've been weight relieved or not. Gibson Les Pauls do not all sound exactly the same but this is true of every electric guitar in existence! As always, we recommend trying a selection - both weight relieved and otherwise - and seeing what differences you can hear for yourself. We are always here to help!