Gibson Les Paul Gold Top

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About Gibson Les Paul Gold Top

The Gibson Les Paul Gold Top is the original Les Paul. Released in 1952 before the now iconic and arguably more famous sunburst models, the Gold top is still one of the most popular in Gibson's range today. Originally the Gibson Les Paul Gold top came with 2 p90 pickups before being re-released in 1957 featuring the new Humbucker pickups. Other than those changes the recipe for this great guitar remains the same as it was back in the 1950's.

Though not much has changed from that original design you can find a nice variety of models in Gibson's range today. From the standard model which features both P90 and humbucker variants to the full Custom Shop models the legacy of the Gold Top Les Paul is still very much alive and well.

We carry a number of Gibson Les Paul Gold Top guitars which you can browse online or in store alongside our full selection of Gibson guitars.

Why Should I Choose a Gibson Les Paul Gold Top Guitar?

  • Iconic styling
  • Great Gibson USA quality
  • Available in standard or Custom Shop versions
  • Historically accurate detailing

Frequently Asked Questions about Gibson Les Paul Gold Top

Question: What is special about a Gibson Les Paul Gold Top?
Aside from the obvious beauty of the gold finish, Gold Tops hold a special place in the hearts of guitar fans because this was the very first finish applied to the very first Les Paul models when they debuted in 1952. It is an iconic colour for the Les Paul.
Question: Do other Gibson guitars ever get the same Gold Top finish?
Occassionally yes, though these are generally limited run guitars, available only in small numbers. We have seen wonderful Gold Top finishes on SGs, ES-335s and Explorers. One fantastic Gibson from the past which always had a Gold Top was the stunning ES-295, a large hollow-body guitar from the fifties made iconic by Scotty Moore, Elvis' guitarist. It is played today by Killing Joke's Geordie Walker, who owns two and refuses to play anything else.
Question: Are Gibson's Goldtop guitars still finished in nitrocellulose?
Yes. All of Gibson's guitars are treated to a lacquer of nitrocellulose, including all Gold Top models.
Question: Which artists play a Gibson Les Paul Gold Top guitar?
Les Paul himself can be seen playing a Gibson Gold Top, it has also been used by artists such as Duane Allman, The Edge, Slash, and many more.
Question: What is a Les Paul Gold Top?
A metallic gold finish covers the top of the guitar as opposed to the usual transparent finish we see on most Les Pauls. The Gold Top is still built with the same materials using a mahogany body and maple top.