Gibson Les Paul Tribute

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About Gibson Les Paul Tribute

Gibson Les Paul Tribute is a collection of instruments that do justice to the iconic stylings of the past. The Gibson Les Paul is one of the most recognisable guitars ever created and is one that is always in demand. The heart and soul of the past has been maintained while player friendly appointments give the best of both worlds. These USA made guitars have been carefully crafted to the same high class as the rest of the Gibson range.

A number of designs can be found in the Les Paul Tribute range; all are classic models that have stood the test of time. The Les Paul Special and Les Paul Junior are all included, as well as a number of basses too. Classic colours adorn this range and make for a natural and correct aesthetic. All of the body curves look and feel as they should, providing a fitting tribute to the originals.

Constructed using quality woods and hardware, the Gibson Les Paul Tribute collection of guitars are extremely well made. A number of excellent features such as dependable tuners and well voiced pickups let the player get the most out of the instrument and focus on their playing. Every aspect has been thought out in order to produce guitars that keep the Gibson legacy alive and well.

Our Gibson Les Paul Tribute guitars come included with a gig bag.


Why Should I Choose Gibson Les Paul Tribute?

  • Iconic models at an affordable price
  • Produced to the usual high standard of Gibson USA
  • Great for players who want that classic look and sound

Frequently Asked Questions about Gibson Les Paul Tribute

Question: Which Les Paul is right for me?
The humbucker option is the standard and ideal for those who want that classic look and sound. The Junior is a great choice for players who favour simplicity and the Special offers a little extra versatility with the additional pickup.
Question: Are they good enough to perform with?
The Tribute collection is made to the same high standard as the other Gibson ranges so yes, these are absolutely good enough to play live with. Taking them out with you on tour would be a great decision.
Question: Are Gibson Les Paul Tributes any good?
Yes! The Gibson Les Paul Tribute has been carefully crafted to the same high class as the rest of the Gibson range.
Question: What kind of pickups are installed?
While different models contain different pickups, Gibson chooses to use their own pickups. They all offer a great selection of tones and are not seen as basic stock pickups. They have been selected due to their ability to produce classic tones that are suitable for the modern player.