Gibson Les Paul Junior

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About Gibson Les Paul Junior

The Gibson Les Paul Junior was designed for the beginner/intermediate player who's looking for that iconic Les Paul look and sound but at a fraction of the cost.

Stripped of the frills, loaded up with a lone P-90 single coil pickup, and with a master tone and volume Gibson soon learned that what they created wasn't just a watered down Les Paul Standard, but a true beast that that had it's own distinctive sound.

Why Should I Choose Gibson Les Paul Junior?

  • Affordable
  • High Quality Gibson Build
  • Incredible Sound

Frequently Asked Questions about Gibson Les Paul Junior

Question: Is the Gibson Les Paul Junior any good?
The Gibson Les Paul Junior is an incredibly impressive guitar, not just a lower cost alternative to the Les Paul Standard or Custom, it's developed it's own distinctive fanbase with it's no frills, stripped down look, and the single coil P90 provides a blistering tone that's quite a bit different than a standard Les Paul.
Question: Is the Gibson Les Paul Junior smaller?
The Gibson Les Paul Junior is the same size as other Les Pauls with a scale length of 24.75".
Question: What year was the Gibson Les Paul Junior made?
The Gibson Les Paul Junior originally debuted in 1954.
Question: What's the difference between a Gibson Les Paul Junior and Standard?
The Gibson Les Paul Junior has many key differences from a Les Paul Standard, for example many of the decorative embellishments present on a Les Paul Standard such as body binding, headstock inlays, and fretboard binding are all stripped back. It is loaded with only a single P90 single-coil pickup and has only one volume and tone knob.
Question: Which artists play the Gibson Les Paul Junior?
The Gibson Les Paul Junior is loved and played by many famous musicians, such as Billie Joe Armstrong, Keith Urban, Bob Marley, John Lennon and many more!