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About Gibson Les Paul Junior

The Gibson Les Paul Junior started out life as a 'budget' model Les Paul guitar. It was shorn of all its bells and whistles to provide an affordable instrument for beginners and students. As often happens with these types of guitar, Gibson didn't quite realise what a powerful creation they had made. The Les Paul Junior, in either a single or double cutaway configuration, was an instrument with a spectacular voice! Professional artists began using it on stage and in the studio. It wasn't long before the humble Les Paul Junior became a classic electric guitar in its own right.

The concept is simple enough: a flat slab Mahogany body is glued to a Mahogany neck. One single P-90 single coil pickup (we never get tired of telling people how incredible P-90 pickups sound!) is then installed along with a combined bridge and tailpiece for simplicity. The whole design is finished with a single volume and tone control knob. It is possibly the most stripped down Gibson Les Paul ever.

The Les Paul Junior is offered by Gibson on a less frequent basis than their more famous models. However, there is a model from Gibson USA and a selection from the Gibson Custom Shop available regularly. Talk to any of our friendly staff members about the Gibson Les Paul Junior for details of model and finish availability. Remember, as one of the UK's biggest authorised Gibson and Gibson Custom Shop dealers, we have the best selection of Gibson guitars in the country. We also have access to instruments that many dealers do not. For Gibson guitars, there is only one choice: guitarguitar.

Frequently Asked Questions about Gibson Les Paul Junior

Question: What is the difference between a Les Paul Junior and a Les Paul Special?
The Gibson Les Paul Special is very similar to the Les Paul Junior. The difference is that it has two P90 pickups and hence twice the amount of control knobs. Apart from this, the two guitar models are essentially the same. and both have appeared as both single cutaway and double cutaway designs.
Question: Which Gibson Les Paul Junior models are currently available?
Currently, there are a few Juniors available. These include the Billie Joe Armstrong Signature model, the left handed Junior Single cut in Vintage Sunburst and the Gibson Custom Les Paul Junior Mosaic. Limited runs take place frequently, so it is a great idea to keep a close eye on our website or sign up for our email newsletters!
Question: Broadly speaking, what kind of equivalent Gibson guitar is out there that fulfills a similar ethos to the Les Paul Junior?
In Gibson's current range, we think a guitar that typifies a similar ethos to the Les Paul Junior is the Gibson Les Paul BFG with P90s. It offers the same P90 barking tone as well as a suitably stripped back, utilitarian vibe. It is also at the affordable end of Gibson's price range, something the Les Paul Junior always was too.