Gibson Left Handed Guitars

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About Gibson Left Handed Guitars

Gibson offer lots of left handed electric guitars, often at no extra charge over the right handed models. A very large range of instruments are available to southpaw guitarists from Tribute range guitars to Les Paul and SG standards, right through to Custom Shop pieces.

Left handed guitarists are a priority for us at guitarguitar and we make a point of carrying the largest selection of left handed electric guitars in the country! We are authorised dealers for both Gibson and Gibson Custom Shop and we are committed to bringing the UK the best Gibson guitars available. Have a look at our selection here online or visit one of our showrooms to have a play on your next left handed Gibson guitar!

Frequently Asked Questions about Gibson Left Handed Guitars

Question: Which guitarguitar stores can I find left handed Gibsons in?
We keep stock of left handed Gibsons in every guitarguitar store. The models themselves will differ from store to store, so please double check with the store in question before making a trip!
Question: Do Gibson charge more for their left handed guitars?
No, left handed Gibson guitars cost the same as their right handed counterparts. This is good to see, since not every company does this!
Question: What is the most popular left handed Gibson electric guitar?
The Gibson Les Paul Tribute in Faded Honey Burst is currently the most popular left-handed Gibson electric guitar.
Question: Which Les Pauls are available as left handed models?
Lots of them! Left handed Gibson guitars include Les Paul Studio, Standard, Traditional, Classic, Junior and Custom Shop models.