Gibson Semi Acoustic Guitars

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Gibson Semi Acoustic Guitars

Gibson semi acoustic guitars include both the 'ES' guitars such as the ES-335 and such as well as their large bodied jazz models like the L-5 and the Super 400. These are all fully electric guitars with magnetic pickups just like any other electric guitar. The difference is in the design of their bodies: they have hollow chambers within the body, alluded to by the inclusion of cello-style f-holes. These semi hollow chambers are used to affect the 'plugged in' sound of the guitar and whilst the unplugged tone is generally a little louder than a solid body guitar, semi acoustic guitars are not considered to be acoustic guitars at all.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Gibson Semi Acoustic Guitars

Question: What is a semi acoustic guitar?
A semi acoustic guitar is a guitar with hollow areas in its body as part of the construction. A Gibson ES-335, for example, is a semi acoustic guitar. The name is something of a misnomer: they do not operate in any real way as acoustic instruments, though they may coincidentally be slightly louder when played unplugged than their solid body counterparts. The semi acoustic nature of the guitars is intended to change the 'plugged' sound of the car, easing some of the focus and introducing a more open sound.
Question: What do Gibson semi acoustic guitars sound like when played unplugged?
When played unplugged, Gibson semi acoustic guitars sound largely like other unplugged electric guitars, that is: not at all like acoustic guitars! These guitars are not made to be like acoustic guitars so don't be mistaken: their semi acoustic build quality is for the benefit of the plugged-in sound only.
Question: Do Gibson Custom Shop offer semi acoustic guitars?