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About Gibson Collection

The Gibson Collection refers collectively to the two new ranges of Gibson guitars and basses released in 2019. These are individually called the Gibson Original Collection and the Gibson Modern Collection. Each range shares model shapes, like the Les Paul and SG for example, but the actual guitars themselves are distinct.

Each Collection includes a large number of guitar and bass models. Most are available in a number of finishes appropriate to the model.

These Gibson Collections are a return to form for the brand. They bring well-loved designs to the forefront and celebrate the type of Gibson guitars that are the most sought after and appreciated by guitarists.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Gibson Collection

Gibson have divided the range into two separate collections to make it easier for players to find the type of instrument they prefer.
Gibson put the SG Standard in the Modern Collection since it is not based on a particular vintage year or decade. It is an SG for today, hence its position in the Modern Collection. The Gibson SG Modern, also in the Modern Collection, is a completely different guitar.
Dirty Fingers are a type of humbucker made by Gibson. They were originally introduced in the 70s in order to compete with the new third party replacement pickups on the market. These had significantly more output than Gibson's own. The Dirty Fingers pickups have ceramic magnets and are particularly high in output. Dirty Fingers pickups are particularly suited to Punk, Hard Rock and Metal styles. Certain guitar models within the Gibson Modern Collection, like the B-2 Explorer for example, use Dirty Fingers pickups.
The Gibson Original Collection features guitars that have no weight relief whatsoever.