Friedman Dirty Shirley

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About Friedman Dirty Shirley

The Friedman Dirty Shirley is a 40 watt boutique tube amp. Friedman are well known for their high quality hand made amps. The Dirty Shirley is one of their most popular models.

This amplifier has a single channel and is designed for making classic vintage overdrive tones. It works well with effects pedals and also has an FX loop for using outboard units and modules.

Guitarists who enjoy using heritage, rootsy tones along with quality crunch tones will find themselves at home with the Friedman Dirty Shirley.

At guitarguitar, we keep many Friedman amps in stock, including this. Please get in touch if you want to know more or visit us to try a Dirty Shirley out for yourself. You can also browse the full collection here online.


Why Should I Choose Friedman Dirty Shirley?

  • Iconic Sound
  • Fantastic Build Quality
  • Friedman Construction
  • Classic Tone

Frequently Asked Questions about Friedman Dirty Shirley

Question: What style of music is the Friedman Dirty Shirley good for?
The Friedman Dirty Shirley is based on a classic Marshall JTM45 (though by no means a copy). So if you know that sound, you are in exactly the right ballpark. For those who don't know it, it is a beautiful crunch sound. It does not have too much gain, but it does have a very lively sound with lots of harmonics. Seventies Rock is what it sounds like, a great way!