Guitar Amp Combos

Guitar amp combos are the most popular type of guitar amplification. Keeping everything within one enclosure is very practical so it's no wonder so many guitarists choose combos. Guitar combos can vary wildly both in size and technology whilst falling roughly into two major categories: solid state and valve.

Valve combos, also known as tube combos, are based on classic old-school technology and are what many people think of when they talk about guitar amps. Valve combos are traditionally nice and loud, with famous models from Vox and Fender giving some full stacks a run for their money in terms of volume! Nowadays, lots of manufacturers produce tube combos with very low power ratings to allow sensible home use. Valves need to be 'cranked' to get the best tones so less power is a good thing in a suburban context!

Solid state amps are usually the kind you find with lots of features such as amp modelling and built-in effects. Since these amps use computer circuit-boards to make the sounds out of samples, they can mimic a variety of famous amplifiers and give you an excellent palette of sounds to play with. Most home practice amps are solid state and all of the major companies make their own range. These ranges include much bigger versions too, for rehearsing and gigging with.

Each type of technology has its benefits and drawbacks. Certain players prefer certain types for different reasons. At guitarguitar, we keep an extensive selection of electric guitar combos in stock in every one of our UK stores from a huge range of major manufacturers and boutique builders. Browse our entire selection of amp heads, cabs and combos online or visit us to try them out for yourself in one of our soundproof booths!