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About Vox Combos

Vox combos are some of the most famous amplifiers in history.

Vox combos have been used in mainstream guitar music for over 60 years. Their classic designs like the AC30 are one of the most revered, and most copied, amp designs anywhere. A large number of notable musicians have used Vox combos as a central part of their equipment set-up.

guitarguitar is an official UK Vox dealer. We always keep a large, varied and plentiful stock of their combos in each of our stores.

Frequently Asked Questions about Vox Combos

The 'best' Vox combo is a matter of taste and opinion, but the most recognisable, most iconic model is the AC30 Top-Boost. This is available in numerous versions, from the Chinese made AC30C2 to the British made 60th Anniversary AC30 Handwired. Both sound fantastic.
Yes, Vox actually make quite a number of smaller, house-friendly practice amps. Have a closer look at the Vox Pathfinder, the VXII Modelling amp and the VT20X combo.