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About Vox Amps

You can’t get more iconic than Vox Amps. Even the diamond grill cloth on its own is distinctive and recognisable. Whether it’s The Beatles at Abbey Road or Brian May at Wembley Stadium, Vox amplifiers have played a huge role in some of the defining musical moments of the last 60 years.

For many players Vox amps hit the sweet spot between Fender and Marshall. Not as sophisticated as a Fender or as aggressive as a Marshall, they are a big, dumb delight.

Known for their trademark in-your-face ‘chime’, Vox Amps are most famous for the AC30. This twin speaker, twin channel amp is loud and proud and have been on countless albums over the years. Smaller, single speaker options include the AC15, AC10 and AC4. All of them have that unmistakable Vox tone.

Vox also have brilliant options for beginners and home practice, often using their ‘NuTube’ technology. These are very small valves which are able to run at lower voltage and lower temperatures. This means that they can integrate into small and portable amps and still give some of that valve richness we know and love.

What makes Vox Amps different?

  • Iconic tone and looks
  • Trademark in-your-face ‘chime’
  • Range of beginner’s options
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Vox Amps

    Question: What guitarists use Vox amps?
    It’s a long list! But a quick summary includes Brian May, The Edge, John, Paul and George, The Kinks, Radiohead, Rory Gallagher and Tom Petty.
    Question: Are Vox amps still made in England?
    They occasionally do a run of handwired amps in the UK but they’re mainly made in the Far East with facilities in China and Vietnam.
    Question: What kind of music are Vox amps good for?
    Vox are perfect for rock and indie music. The heaviest they go is Brian May’s soaring tone which combines a treble booster with an AC30 (or three) turned up to ten. A quick listen to ‘Revolver’ by The Beatles will give you a good idea of how they sound.