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About Vox Amps

Vox amplifiers are part of the very fabric of modern music. From the Beatles to Queen to U2, the biggest and most influential bands in the world have relied on the classic chime and grit of Vox amps. With their distinctive looks and iconic vintage sound, Vox are an enduring part of electric guitar history. The most famous Vox amp by far is the AC30, a 30w combo with two 12" speakers and two channels: Normal and Top Boost. The AC30 is available in many guises, from affordable Chinese-made valve combos and solid state iterations to hand wired 'boutique' style amps.

Aside from the AC30, Vox produce a large range of amps: practice amps, small valve combos, heads, headphones amps...almost all needs are catered to. Vox also make pedals (their Wah pedal is a classic), keyboards (the Vox Continental organ is, again, a classic) and even guitars. Vox are a very significant brand and as a major UK Vox dealer, we keep a large and comprehensive range of Vox products in each of our guitarguitar stores. Browse our entire range here online or visit us and try out the Vox range for yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions about Vox Amps

This is a common misunderstanding when talking about amps. Wattage is a power rating only, not an indication of volume. The Vox AC30 is indeed a famously loud amp and this is partly because it is a very efficient design. A valve AC30 (like the AC30C2 for example) is certainly loud enough for any gig: we find that they are frequently louder than some high gain half stacks! Volume is measured in decibels so don't rely too much of wattage when thinking of loudness. Remember, a 100w amp is generally only twice as loud as a 10w amp! Strange, we know, but certainly true.
We think you'd be better off with the AC30C2: it's doubling of power and speaker quota means it has a lot more clean volume available with tons of headroom attached. The AC15C1 is certialy loud enough for smaller gigs but it will get crunchy when wound up to gig volume. It's a great sound but it isn't clean!
Vox have an incredible battery powered amp available in the shape of the Adio Air GT. It has lots of on-board amp models and bluetooth capability too. You could also check out the Rhythm Vox amps which are small, portable, run on batteries and have built in drum loops to play along to.
The AC30C2 is an all-valve combo made to the same relative design as the original 1950s Vox models. The AC30VR is a solid state amp with Valve Reactor (hence the name) technology to offer convincingly valve-style tones. Since it does not incorporate actual valves in its circuitry, it is far less expensive to produce.
For amps like the AC15C1 and the AC30C2, Vox use Celestion G12M Greenback speakers.