Vox Valvetronix

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About Vox Valvetronix

Vox Valvetronix amps are a range of sophisticated solid state combos with cutting edge modelling technology to make high satisfying and authentic tones. The Valvetronix range is known as the Vox VT or VTX range and is comprised of a number of amp models from 20w home use models to 100w amps perfect for gigging.

The Vox VTX amps also feature high quality digital effects onboard for adding colour and excitement to your tones. They also use a genuine 12AX7 valve in the amp's preamp section to create actual valve tones. Try out these great Vox amps at any guitarguitar UK store or simply click and buy from here on the site and have your new amp delivered to you!


Why Should I Choose Vox Valvetronix?

  • Rich valve tones
  • The convenience of digital technology
  • Suitable for a wide range of styles

Frequently Asked Questions about Vox Valvetronix

Question: What are the available Valvetronix amps?
The full Valvetronix range contains three models: the VT20x, VT40X & the VT100X.
Question: Is the Valvetronix range analogue or digital?
In reality, it is a bit of both. The preamp section that utilises the 12AX7 valve is an analogue circuit. This is then fed into a digital path which takes care of modelling and FX. The result is a great sounding hybrid.
Question: Which footswitch should I use with the Vox VTX Valvetronix series?
To get the best from your Valvetronix amp, use the Vox VFS5 footswitch.
Question: Does the preamp valve really do anything?
Yes, it isn't just a gimmick! The amp's onboard voltage transformers hit the valve with enough juice to get it working and contributing to your tone. It does make a difference. These amps feel great to play, not to mention sound great!
Question: Do these amps have USB facilities?
Yes they do! Use a standard USB cable to connect your Vox VTX amp to your computer and record your guitar parts using the Vox's tones! Vox have created 'Tone Room', a software editor for utilising more tonal options and making deeper edits. This is also available for mobile devices.