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About VOX AC

Vox AC amps are among the most iconic and legendary guitar amps of all time. Their trademark sound has been demonstrated by famous artists such as Brian May, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Radiohead. Known for their trademark in-your-face ‘chime’, the most famous Vox AC amp is the AC30. This twin speaker, twin channel amp is loud and proud and has been on countless albums over the years. For smaller, single speaker options that still perform well live, the Vox AC15 and AC10 are great options and still have that iconic Vox tone. For home practice, look no further than the AC4.

The most popular of the Vox AC amps is the Vox AC30. Boasting popular features such as top boost volume, reverb tone, tremolo speed and incredible power tubes make this one of the classic valve amps.

Why Should I Choose VOX AC?

  • Legendary Tone
  • One of the Most Iconic Amp Series of All Time
  • Range of Great Features
  • Vintage Aesthetic

Frequently Asked Questions about VOX AC

Question: What is the Vox AC series?
The Vox AC series is a legendary series of amplifiers popularised in the 1950's. The VOX AC30 being the most popular, it was made in response to a growing need for more powerful amplifiers that rose above the noise of the roaring crowds. Ever since, the AC series has been an iconic series of all valve amps that feature a recognisable tone and excellent specs.
Question: Are Vox AC amps any good?
Yes. Vox AC amps are very good. Vox AC amps are well respected, and with good reason. They sound incredible, with excellent specs such as alnico speakers, high-quality power tubes, multiple channels and a wealth of features.
Question: Who uses a Vox AC amp?
Some famous users of Vox AC Amps, include Brian May, Noel Gallagher, George Harrison, Tom Petty, Hank Marvin, Chris Shiflett, and many more!