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About Fender Amps

Fender's legendary amplifiers are almost as revered as their electric guitars. Fender have been making amps since the 50s. Several of their designs enjoy 'world favourite' status, including the Fender Twin Reverb and the Fender Princeton.

Fender guitar amps fall into two distinct camps: classic tube driven models and modern digital maps. Tube driven amps are often reissues of famous historical Fender models. Digital amps have effects and modelling technology built in. These appeal equally for different reasons. The valve amps, such as the popular Hot Rod Deluxe III, are made for gigging. Amp models such as the Mustang GT40 are made to give world class tone in the home studio. One exception would be the Fender Bassbreaker range. This is aimed between these two extremes, offering tube tone and unmatched versatility in a contemporary package.

Whatever your Fender amplifier needs are, we have a huge range available to try out.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fender Amps

There is one massively popular amp that does a fantastic job of meeting these needs...the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe. With 40 loud watts of Fender tone, two foot switchable channels with selectable gain boost, and a beautiful sounding reverb, this combo is hard to beat on so many levels. It is also easy enough to carry (compared with other valve amps certainly) so time after time, gigging guitarists vote with their ears and their wallets and go for this.
For playing at home, we recommend checking out the Fender Mustang GT amplifier series. These digital modelling amps offer a wide palette of high quality amp and effects modelling, all integrated in an intuitive amp that has bluetooth functionality and a USB option for direct recording to your computer. The Mustang GT is an excellent all-in-one solution. The other way you could go, if you also play gigs and have your own effects pedal set up already sitting there, would be to use a small valve combo that gives you an excellent, low wattage, clean base for your pedals to plug into for home playing. In this case, we recommend checking out the Fender Pro Junior. This is is a compact 15w combo with authentic Fender clean tone and classic styling.
Lots of Fender's tube combos will give you that beautiful and iconic Fender clean tone, it's more a matter of what the intended application is. For example, a 65 Twin Reverb has arguably the most defining clean Fender tone of all of the amps but it is also deafeningly loud! It's great for large gigs but probably more than you can feasibly use at small gigs and rehearsals. On the other side of this, the small Blues Junior combo is a very manageable size and has enough volume for those small gigs whilst remaining handy for rehearsals and even home use if kept at a low volume. This would perhaps be our first choice due to its practicality and value. Another great choice would be the 65 Princeton Reverb, which is a little bit more powerful than the Blues Junior and has classic 'Blackface' tone all the way!
Valve amps, or tube amps, have vacuum tubes in their preamp and poweramp sections in order to produce warm, detailed, complex tones. Usually, these tubes are visible. In a combo you can normally spy them by looking in the back of the amp. In a head, they sit upright behind the front grill where the logo normally is. Valve amps typically do not have any presets or effects in them apart from reverb and sometimes tremolo. Fender valve amps such as the Twin Reverb and the Princeton are among the most famous examples of valve combos ever.